At sixty years old, Ian has returned to Australia from three months travel in India. Now he finds himself mesmerized by a face on a computer screen. Her name is Lilly and he’s never seen such a beautiful woman. At that instant, he knows his life has changed.


After writing eighty letters back and forth during the course of 12 months, Ian travels to Shenyang, China, to meet Lilly, a fifty year old masseuses and doctor. As the weeks pass, their love grows despite their language barrier. Ian shares Lilly’s story of growing up in the cold of minus 30 degrees, in poverty with illness and despair. He finds Lilly has the determination of a lion.


Within this book is another book “Mouse and Dragon.” This book is a compilation of 14 children’s stories expressing the ideals of love. These are inspired from the main text and woven into it.


This is a book about contemporary Chinese politics sprinkled with love. A must-read for men who seek a Chinese relationship. The book identifies socio-political traditions which are unique to Asia generally and stresses the ingratitude of governments to social innovation and change. With China’s natural environment mirroring the complexities of the human environment, the book uses the story of Lilly and Ian’s love as a symbol of change and inspiration for all the women of China.


          “Dam Was Convinced he was a collection of tiny organisms which were being programed to live a chosen life. Whether that life had been chosen by him was a question he often asked ‘his’ organisms.

Nothing happened, they did not respond.

“Maybe they have a different language?” he thought.”


    Dam Diligent is a collection of ninety one stories in three books. They were written over a fifteen year period. Each story exposes the meek foibles of humanity with Dam at the centre. The simplicity of day-to-day life, boring to some, only brews invention for Dam as he seeks to explain the minutiae of normal human existence.


As it will be noticed these stories are not in any order. Though the collection did come chronologically from the same well-spring, they are not intended to have any logical sequence. They simply record the rambling devotions of an idiot. And as such should relay extreme caution to the reader so he or she may never step in the same shoes as Mr Dam Diligent!

On the other hand, Dam’s okay. He is not worried about much and he is still alive! I think….

He’s looking at me now from across the room with half an eye open. I asked him to write something about himself but he refused and pretended to go to sleep.

He says he’s not interested in advertising or making money.

“I’m not here to make money!” he said. “I like to grow potatoes and beans!”

“I’m not three years old you know.” He opened the other eye.

“Do you know how old I am?” he continued,

“No,” I said.

“Three hundred and thirty three and my ejector knees are still good!”